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Fusion Fuel Energy Drink is a high-carbohydrate energy drink designed for anyone looking to improve their performance during intense exercise. The drink contains 90 grams of carbohydrates per serving, which is more than most other energy drinks to deliver more energy, more quickly!

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Competitive Sports Energy Drink for High Intensity Exercise

Enjoy unrivalled Energy Delivery and carb uptake with 90g carbs per serve. Absorb more carbs, more quickly and enjoy stomach comfort thanks to cluster-dextrin which enhances gastric emptying. Unique carb blend maximises absorption and oxidation during exercise with a 1 : 0.8 ratio of Dextrin : Fructose while a fusion of B-vitamins glutamine & electrolytes hydrates & fights fatigue.

About Voom

Straight out of our development lab door, Voom Nutrition are a stone’s throw away from both the Lake District fells and the Yorkshire Dales. Some call it research or testing, but they call it a great excuse to be out there doing what they enjoy!

Boom continue to question existing nutrition product options and carefully craft balanced formulas, based on strong scientific research. Each product has a specific use within training or racing and together they offer a complete sports nutrition strategy, all in a convenient and tasty package. Their range of products are proudly 'Made in Britain'.

VOOM’s products are for everyone who wants to be confident that the fuel you put into your body will help maximise our performance!

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