The Mountains are Calling

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The Mountains Are Calling is the exhilarating story of the runners who go to high places. From its wild origins in the Highlands, hill running in Scotland remains as pure and traditional as sport gets.

Jonny Muir explores the history and culture of the sport, and meets the legends of hill running who are revered for their extraordinary endurance. As he discovers the insatiable lure of the hills, a calling leads him to the supreme test of mountain running: Ramsay’s Round – a continuous loop of 23 of Scotland highest mountains, to be completed within 24 hours. This book is lavishly illustrated with maps and a section of colour photographs.

About Vertebrate Publishing

Sheffield, nestled by the Peak District, is our base, offering access to premier hillwalking, running, mountain biking, climbing, and hidden swimming spots. This locale serves as the perpetual muse for our growing array of books.

In 2004, we debuted with "Dark Peak Mountain Biking: True Grit Trails," lauded by and Singletrack. Now, our collection boasts eighteen mountain biking guidebooks, spanning the UK and the Western Alps. MBR Magazine hails our guides as polished and well-researched.

Beyond cycling, we expanded into hillwalking, running, open water swimming, and climbing guidebooks. Notable titles include "Revelations," the autobiography of climber Jerry Moffatt, earning the Grand Prize at the 2009 Banff Mountain Book Festival. We've secured rights to noteworthy titles, like Steve House’s "Beyond the Mountain" and Ron Fawcett's "Rock Athlete," a Boardman Tasker Prize winner.

Acquiring Bâton Wicks in 2013 broadened our range, offering classic mountaineering books in various formats. A commitment to female writers emerged, exemplified by the award-winning "Waymaking."

Throughout the challenges of Covid, support from the outdoor community fueled our growth. Ventures into new realms, such as stand-up paddleboarding, yielded success. Our mission endures: to publish inspiring adventure books, sharing tales that empower each individual's quest for adventure and championing access to the landscape for all.

Recent years brought accolades, including the TGO Outdoor Book of the Year Award in 2021 and the Small Press of the Year Regional Award in 2022. The journey persists, fueled by passion and recognition.

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