The Cold Fix

Drawing strength from cold-water swimming and immersion

by Sara Barnes
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In "The Cold Fix," Sara Barnes recounts her journey of discovery as she finds solace and exhilaration through cold water immersion in the serene tarns, river pools, and lakes of Cumbria. Delving into the depths of her newfound passion, Sara connects with fellow swimmers who share her fascination with the icy waters. Through her captivating narrative, Sara explores the magnetic pull of cold water and delves into the reasons behind its growing allure among enthusiasts.

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‘The cold water has given me the key to unlock myself within a place I didn’t know existed: the community of cold-water swimmers right around the world. What binds us all together is the cold and how it makes us feel: brave enough to tackle even the toughest of life’s issues.’

In 2017, Sara Barnes faced a pivotal moment when diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, altering her perspective on physical activity. Rather than dwell on limitations, Sara embraced newfound possibilities and turned to the tranquil waters of Cumbria's tarns, river pools, and lakes. Immersed in the beauty of nature, she discovered a profound connection and passion for cold-water swimming.

In her captivating book, "The Cold Fix," Sara invites readers on a transformative journey. From tentative beginnings in the water to encounters with fellow enthusiasts worldwide, Sara delves into the allure of cold water. Through shared experiences and reflections, she seeks to unravel the mystery behind its growing appeal to an ever-expanding community of enthusiasts.


Sara Barnes, a freelance editor residing in the picturesque English Lake District, finds herself drawn to the invigorating embrace of cold water daily. Whether amidst the serene beauty of nature, soaking in her outdoor Japanese tub, or venturing to new locales to join fellow swimmers, Sara's immersion in cold waters is a cornerstone of her lifestyle.

Her written works have graced the pages of Outdoor Swimmer magazine, The Island Review, and the publications of the Outdoor Swimming Society. Sara's commitment to environmental advocacy shines through her involvement in the creation and appearance of the film "Spread the Word Not the Weed," and her feature in the acclaimed 2021 BBC series "The Lakes with Simon Reeve."

With her Instagram platform @bumblebarnes offering glimpses into her aquatic adventures, Sara plans to extend her passion by organizing wild water and words retreats, blending her expertise as a Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach with her penchant for writing amidst nature's splendor.

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