SUMARPO VANGUARD Men's Sleeveless Wetsuit

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Designed for intermediate swimmers and triathletes focused on improving performance, the Vanguard sleeveless wetsuit offers superb buoyancy and flexibility for unrestricted swimming.

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  • Sleeveless wetsuit, offering ultimate upper body flexibility
  • Premium Yamamoto neoprene
  • Aerodome Cell technology and 5mm neoprene around the core offers superb buoyancy
  • Ultra-flexible inner liner for ultimate freedom of movement
  • Quick-release ankle cuffs for fast removal in a triathlon transition
  • Ergonomic collar for reduced chafing
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free shipping

Neoprene Profiles

  • Chest and upper legs - 5mm. Buoyancy and warmth where you need it.
  • Back - 2.5 / 3mm. Promotes a natural feeling in the water
  • Lower legs 3mm. Optimal body position – no sinky legs!


The SUMARPO VANGUARD men’s sleeveless swimming wetsuit is a top-level wetsuit ideal for swimming in warmer water – without losing buoyancy and speed. Designed to help you optimise your swimming performance, with maximum comfort and minimal restriction.

5mm neoprene and Aerodome technology – honeycomb-shaped air cells – in the chest and thighs provide superb buoyancy, which along with the 3mm neoprene on the lower legs help you to maintain the optimal body position in the water.

This buoyancy is combined with an SCS coating on the premium Yamamato neoprene, which helps to reduce drag and means you can glide through the water faster. An ultra-flexible liner further enhances the freedom of movement, and quick-release ankle cuffs make for speedy transitions for triathletes looking to make every second count.


SUMARPO are a water sports specialist brand that has years of experience in the design and manufacture of triathlon and swimming wetsuits, plus associated accessories.

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