KYMIRA CHARGE Infrared Performance Women's T-Shirt

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Comfortable, breathable and built to perform. This women’s running/training top from KYMIRA is loaded with clever Infrared technology, backed up by rigorous research. Here to help you train harder, perform better and recover faster.

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Key features

  • Women's lightweight running t-shirt 
  • Suitable for running, gym workouts and yoga 
  • Two-panel construction with pleated back for improved flexibility 
  • Seamless, wide neck design improves breathability and reduces chafe
  • Infrared technology helps to manage your temperature, optimise your performance and boost recovery.

Infrared Benefits

Minerals in the fabric convert light and energy and turn it into infrared light spectrum that penetrates the muscles.

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increases muscle oxygen level by up to 20% - helping you to perform better and recover faster
  • Helps to increase muscle cell repair and regeneration after exercise
  • Enhances energy production - fight back against fatigue
  • Stimulates nitric oxide production - improves muscle elasticity, reduces the likelihood of injury (80% average reductions)
  • Temporary pain relief - experience a 25% reduction in pain, naturally 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Regulates temperature - warms or cools to suit your needs
  • SPF 35+ rating 
  • Antimicrobial 


The KYMIRA CHARGE women's running top has been designed with function, comfort and performance in mind. Consisting of two lightweight panels, with a pleated back and a seamless wide neck design for optimal freedom of movement and breathability. This top is suitable for gym sessions, yoga and other workouts as well as your run sessions.

This women's training top is made from KYMIRA's KYnergy fabric. Developed through years of rigorous research, this fabric uses infrared technology to improve your performance and boost your recovery.

The infrared enhances the production of nitric oxide, improving circulation and the delivery of oxygen to your muscles. Think of it as like getting the benefits of a beetroot shot, but faster, with more potency - and without the bad taste! Infrared also enhances the production of energy in your muscle cells and boost muscle elasticity. And alongside it's SPF protection and antimicrobial properties (no more kit that holds a stink!), it also helps to regulate your temperature in a range of conditions.

The result? Improvements in power, strength, endurance and time to fatigue in training. Reduced likelihood of injury. Faster recovery after each session, so you can stay consistent. And all you've got to do is get dressed!

Best Use

KYMIRA Sport products offer their best results when they are utilised across the full sport and training cycle:

Prepare | Perform | Recover | Rehabilitate

For the best results, our products should be used for every phase of exercise:

  • 30 minutes before performing - to prime your muscles to prevent injuries and to boost circulation and oxygen to train and compete at your best
  • During training and competitions
  • For at least 1 hour afterwards - to support your body to recover
  • As much as possible if you are rehabilitating an injury

The effects of the infrared within KYMIRA Sport products won’t diminish over time as the minerals are within the clothing fibres themselves. The infrared is continually beneficial, does not wear off with use, and the products are safe to use continually - certified by the FDA as a class I medical device.

Women’s Sizes


XS UK 8 / US 4
S UK 10 / US 6
M UK 12 / US 8
L UK 14 / US 10
XL UK 16 / US 12
XXL 38”


50% KYnergy Polyester
50% Polyester

69% KYnergy Polyester
22% Polyester
9% Elastane

Wash at 30C/86F
Do not tumble dry

About Kymira

Kymira products are used across the Medical, Sport, Space, Defence and Research arenas. Medical professionals and patients; Space agencies; Elite defence units; Researchers finding the edge of knowledge; Olympic athletes, international sports teams, and recreational athletes alike, even world record holders!

At Kymira, they believe in unlocking your human potential. Their bioresponsive technologies seek to regenerate the human in each element of the Infrared Technology Ecosystem.

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