1001 Outdoor Swimming Tips

Environmental, safety, training and gear advice for cold-water, open-water and wild swimmers

by Calum Maclean
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1001 Outdoor Swimming Tips by Calum Maclean is a huge collection of small tips to improve your outdoor swimming, whether you're a novice or experienced wild swimmer. Everything from biosecurity and safety to cold-water swimming, recovery, the essential gear you’ll need and training is covered.

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Dive into the World of Outdoor Swimming with 1001 Tips by Calum Maclean!

Explore the joys of outdoor and wild swimming like never before with Calum Maclean's comprehensive guide, packed with light-hearted yet invaluable advice. Far from your average instruction manual, this book is a treasure trove of small but impactful tips to elevate your outdoor swimming experience.

From tackling your first outdoor swim to braving icy waters in winter, this book covers it all. Learn about biosecurity, ensure safety for yourself and others, conquer cold-water challenges, master recovery techniques, and discover the magic of night swimming. Whether you're swimming solo or with children, Calum provides expert guidance on essential gear, effective training methods, and even how to capture the perfect underwater photo.

Whether you're a newcomer to wild swimming or a seasoned enthusiast, Calum's witty and knowledgeable insights will both inspire and enhance your aquatic adventures. So, dive in and let the journey begin!


Calum Maclean is a versatile writer, broadcaster, and seasoned outdoor swimmer. His aquatic adventures span all seasons and conditions, from braving icy waters and competing in ice swimming competitions to embarking on endurance open-water swims. Calum's passion for outdoor swimming is evident in his work as a filmmaker for the BBC, where he produces captivating documentaries in both Gaelic and English. Renowned for his series "Dhan Uisge" (Into the Water) on BBC ALBA and his acclaimed films for BBC The Social, Calum is a respected ambassador for the Outdoor Swimming Society. He has shared his expertise at esteemed institutions like the Royal Scottish Geographical Society and has garnered accolades for his filmmaking prowess. Residing in Aberfeldy, Calum frequents the River Tay for his regular swims, immersing himself in the beauty of nature's aquatic playground.

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