YONDA Ghost 3 Women's Triathlon & Swimming Wetsuit

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Introducing Yonda's Ghost 3 women's wetsuit, the pinnacle of technical excellence in performance/race swimming wetsuits and the proud recipient of the 2021 'Best on Test' award from 220 Triathlon Magazine. Meticulously handcrafted, this wetsuit is tailored to provide unparalleled quality, comfort, durability, and strength, ensuring a top-tier experience for female athletes in open water swimming and triathlon.

The Ghost 3 is engineered to deliver dynamic flexibility and an unmatched 'feel' in the water, elevating your swim experience to new heights. Featuring Yonda's innovative easy off "slippy" lining, transitions become lightning-fast, offering you a seamless and efficient triathlon experience.

This women's swimming wetsuit is designed to optimize body position and seamlessly work with you, providing an extraordinary sensation as you navigate through the water. The incorporation of new front panel air cell technology enhances buoyancy, ensuring you stay afloat with ease.

Renowned for its unrivaled flexibility, the Ghost 3 facilitates optimal power transfer from hips to shoulders, augmenting each stroke's propulsive force while minimizing surface friction. Elevate your performance with the Ghost 3 – the epitome of excellence in women's wetsuit design for swimming and triathlon enthusiasts.

Recommended Use

The Yonda Ghost 3, a pinnacle racing wetsuit meticulously crafted for optimal flexibility, performance. Constructed with the finest neoprene from a world-class factory, the Ghost 3 women's wetsuit is purposefully designed for maximum speed and performance.

It's crucial to recognize that this swimming wetsuit deviates from conventional designs by omitting taped seams, a deliberate choice that amplifies flexibility but renders it more susceptible to wear, especially under heavy hands or when used for training.

To maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of the Ghost 3, adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Intended Use: The Ghost 3 is tailored for speed and high-performance scenarios. While it excels in racing conditions, it is not recommended for excessive wear or use as a training suit.

  2. Careful Handling: Exercise caution when donning and removing the wetsuit to prevent unnecessary stress on the material. The absence of taped seams means the Ghost 3 demands a gentle touch.

  3. Preservation of Integrity: Maintain the wetsuit's integrity by adhering to its intended purpose. Save the Ghost 3 for races and events, ensuring it remains in optimal condition for those crucial moments.

Incorporate these guidelines into your use of the Yonda Ghost 3, and embark on your swimming & triathlon endeavors with a focus on precision and performance.

About Yonda

Founded in 2014, Yonda set out to redefine the wetsuit industry. While we excel in crafting comfortable wetsuits and tri suits, our true passion lies in building a community with our valued customers. As a family-run business in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service that prioritizes your journey to personal excellence.

Unlike companies driven solely by profit, Yonda is committed to quality. Our comprehensive range of wetsuits, tri suits, speed suits, accessories, and kits undergoes a meticulous design process shaped by our 'all ears' policy. Your feedback is crucial in perfecting our products for your satisfaction.

To stay connected with our community, we hit the road in our Yondamobile, a fully branded van carrying samples of our products. Beyond selling, we are a social team passionate about swimming, cycling, and running. We thrive on connecting with fellow sports enthusiasts to learn, grow, and evolve together.

Yonda's roots in Huddersfield span around 200 years, rooted in the founder's family legacy in local wool mills and textiles. This heritage underscores our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Our journey is a collaboration, and our community is a testament to shared passion. We believe success is not just in creating exceptional gear but in fostering an inclusive community propelling individuals toward their personal best.

As we innovate, we extend gratitude to our customers and friends for being part of the Yonda story. Together, we navigate waters, conquer roads, and strive for new heights in swimming, cycling, and running. Yonda is more than a brand; it's a shared journey toward excellence, united by a love for adventure and the pursuit of personal achievement.

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