TRIHARD Pre & Post Swim Hair Conditioner

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TRIHARD'S Pre & Post Swim Conditioner provides an additional protective layer to the hair to neutralize the absorption of pool and ocean chemicals to prevent any potential adverse side effects, whilst effectively hydrating and soothing dry and brittle hair.

Reduces Chlorine Absorption

Hyrdrates Dry Hair

Eliminates Chlorine

Restores Hair Texture

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Swimmers can use TRIHARD’s Pre & Post Swim Conditioner prior to swimming to provide an additional protective layer that is enriched with PLECOTECH™ which is our proprietary patent-pending cosmetic technology integrated into our hair and skin care products based on the optimal ratio of natural Red Algae, Dead Sea Minerals, and Botanical Extracts. This technology effectively neutralizes the absorption of pool and ocean chemicals to prevent any potential negative side effects.


In addition to our proprietary PLECOTECH™ formulation, our Pre & Post Swim Conditioner is formulated with Argan Oil and Vitamin B5 to restore healthy texture post swim and is also enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil to hydrate and soothe dry and brittle hair.

Size: 8.45 FL OZ/ 250 ML

Only Clean & Effective Ingredients

PLECOTECH™, our proprietary cleansing technology, includes Vitamin E, Red Algae, and Dead Sea Minerals, such as Magnesium Chloride and Maris Sal, to remove pool chemicals, lingering chlorine scents, and saltwater effectively from swimmers’ hair and scalp.


TRIHARD is the pioneering company that revolutionized pre-swim care by offering both pre- and post-swim solutions, providing comprehensive protection from chlorine, saltwater, sweat, and more.

They take pride in their proprietary and dermatologically tested clean formula, PLECOTECH, a result of in-house product development. The products are free from parabens, SLS, alcohol, and cruelty; they are also vegan and non-GMO, thanks to the optimal ratio of natural red algae, Dead Sea minerals, and key botanical extracts.

With over five thousand five-star customer reviews and recognition as an editor's pick in leading sports magazines, TRIHARD's products are embraced and cherished by the largest roster of athletes in the swim and triathlon scene.

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