Toes in the Water

Stories of lives changed by wild swimming

by Rachel Jones
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Why do so many of us step into the water? Compiled and edited by Rachel Jones, Toes in the Water explores the life-affirming and healing power of wild swimming. With insights from a wide range of swimmers, the book explores the community around wild swimming, interwoven with the mental and physical health benefits which swimmers gain from it.

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Delve into the depths of wild swimming with "Toes in the Water," an engaging anthology compiled and edited by Rachel Jones. This book explores the transformative power of wild swimming, presenting a diverse array of voices and experiences from swimmers across the community.

Through heartfelt insights, contributors share how wild swimming not only nurtures their mental and physical well-being but also fosters a deep connection with the natural world. Discover the profound impact that immersing oneself in nature's waters can have on both individuals and the environment.

Featuring stories from renowned figures like open-water coach Ella Foote, co-director of the Outdoor Swimming Society Beth Pearson, Yorkshire-based guide Les Peebles, and adventurer Lindsey Cole, "Toes in the Water" offers a rich tapestry of experiences that inspire and uplift. Whether you're seeking healing, community, or simply a deeper connection with nature, this book has the potential to profoundly change your perspective on life.


Rachel Jones is a keen wild swimmer, a Mental Health Swims host, helps to run Hampshire Open Water Swimmers and is a member of the Friends of the Itchen Estuary and Stop the Sewage Southsea. She swims every day, enjoying the connection to nature as well as the cold water. When Rachel isn’t swimming, she is a SEND teacher and a busy parent. She is also a keen photographer and credits swimming with helping to keep her sane and happy. She has completed the 365 Challenge, swimming outdoors every day of the year to raise money for charity. Rachel has written two innovative books on pedagogy;Toes in the Wateris her first book outside that field.

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