Swimming Wild In Scotland

A guide to over 100 Scottish river, loch and sea swimming spots

by Alice Goodridge
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Swimming Wild in Scotland by Alice Goodridge is an informative and inspiring book for both new and experienced wild swimmers, featuring over 100 of the best wild swimming spots across the Scottish mainland and islands.

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Dive into the immersive world of wild swimming in Scotland through Alice Goodridge's "Swimming Wild in Scotland." This enlightening and motivational book caters to both novice and seasoned wild swimmers, offering insights into over 100 of the most exceptional wild swimming spots across the Scottish mainland and its picturesque islands.

Leveraging her extensive background as a long-distance swimmer and open water swimming coach, Alice meticulously selects locations that epitomize Scotland's untamed and rugged beauty. From the enchanting lochs of the Cairngorms to the river pools of Arran, the secluded white sand beaches of remote Great Bernera to the majestic waterfall on the River Pattack, and even the unique experience of swimming in flooded quarries on Easdale or exploring accessible tidal pools in Fife – the choices in Scotland are abundant.

Alice delves into the intricacies that define a superb wild swimming location, generously sharing her profound knowledge. From where to enter the water safely, the optimal swimming areas, considerations regarding tides, understanding the terrain underfoot, to identifying potential hazards – Alice provides a comprehensive guide, allowing you to relax and savor your swim, with all necessary preparations and research already taken care of. The book is complemented by clear Ordnance Survey and custom maps, practical information on parking and public transport, and enticing details about nearby cafes for a post-swim hot chocolate.

As you flip through the pages, immerse yourself in the stunning photography that brings each captivating swimming location to life. Whether you're an experienced wild swimmer or embarking on your inaugural aquatic adventure, this book is sure to spark inspiration for your next memorable swim.

Meet Alice Goodridge, an accomplished long-distance swimmer and open water coach, fueled by a fervent desire to introduce individuals to the pleasures of outdoor swimming while exploring the scenic lochs, rivers, and coasts of Scotland. In 2022, she achieved the remarkable feat of swimming the entire length of Scotland's longest freshwater loch, Loch Awe, adding to her impressive repertoire of solo marathons and ice swims.

Having relocated to the Cairngorms National Park in 2013, Alice has played a pivotal role in establishing several local swimming groups. She has also ventured into entrepreneurship, founding SwimWild, a venture dedicated to orchestrating wild swimming adventures, events, and coaching sessions throughout Scotland. Notably, Alice is the visionary behind the creation and execution of the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships. Undeterred by the elements, Alice engages in year-round swimming, even breaking through ice barriers to continue her aquatic pursuits during the winter months.

Alice's achievements have garnered attention, with appearances on the front page of The Times, features on BBC's Countryfile, and regular contributions, both in writing and illustrations, to Outdoor Swimmer magazine. Adding to her creative accomplishments, Alice serves as the illustrator of "Wild Waters: A wildlife and water lover’s companion to the aquatic world," published in 2021.

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