SUMARPO FLOW Neoprene Buoyancy Swim Shorts

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  • Front - 3mm Yamamoto #39 SCS
  • Back - 3mm Yamamoto #39 SCS
  • Sides - 4.5mm Yamamoto #39 SCS Aeroatom
  • Waistband - 0.3mm BRS neoprene waistband


Built with the same top of the line materials as SUMARPO'S premium wetsuits, these buoyancy swim shorts are designed to simulate the lift of the wetsuit and improve body position in the water and overall speed.

The SUMARPO FLOW buoyancy shorts adopt unique Yamamoto #39 SCS Aeroatom neoprene panels on the side of the shorts, featuring perforated NBR buoyant materials that increase buoyancy by 8% compared to previous series and promote hip rotation through each stroke, naturally making you more streamlined and swim faster with less effort.

The Yamamoto SCS coating reduces water resistance by 99% compared to untreated neoprene.



SUMARPO are a water sports specialist brand that has years of experience in the design and manufacture of triathlon and swimming wetsuits, plus associated accessories.

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