Riixo Recovery Calf Sleeves - Ice, Heat & Compression

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Why Riixo?

Highly effective - proven in a lab
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Ice, Heat and Compression

  • Reduce DOMS
  • Treat shin splints
  • Ease tight calves
  • Reduce Achilles pain
  • Faster recovery after running

 Introducing the Riixo Recovery Calf Sleeves – a sleek, 360-degree compression solution enveloping your lower leg for comprehensive recovery. Elevate your post-exercise experience by minimizing lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness, and tackling Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) effectively.

What sets RiixoCalf Recovery Calf Sleeves apart is the innovative Gel inside. Freeze them to aid muscle recovery after intense sessions or competitions, a method embraced by the GB Squad at the Tokyo Olympics. Alternatively, heat them up for a dynamic warm-up routine or deploy them the day after rigorous training to alleviate muscle soreness.

The uniqueness of these award-winning calf cuffs lies in their versatility – no electrical components, no interchangeable parts. Craft your recovery protocol seamlessly, enjoying the freedom to take them wherever your active lifestyle leads. Experience the next level of recovery with the Riixo Recovery Calf Sleeves, supporting you every step of the way.

    About Riixo

    Riixo dedicate ourselves to design and manufacture products that make people better. Whether that is better athletic performance or faster injury recovery, after all, better recovery is the pathway to greater physical and emotional wellbeing.

    A set of beliefs drive each of Riixo's actions:

    SPORTS ARE FOR EVERONE - If anyone can be an athlete, then anyone should have access
    to recovery solutions. We strive to make our cutting-edge equipment affordable and cost-effective for all people.

    BODY COMES FIRST - You can’t do your best if your body isn’t in good condition. That’s why we put it at the centre of our research and design, which considers the diversity of both human anatomy and athletic practice.

    WINNERS NEVER STOP IMPROVING - What makes a great athlete is the desire to keep striving for higher performance every day. Likewise, we continuously seek new technologies to improve the quality of our products.

    SUSTAINABILITY - We take our obligations to design and build sustainable products seriously. Every design decision is made with care and consideration for its environmental and social impact.

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