Riixo Heated & Ice Knee Cuff

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Why Riixo?

Highly effective - proven in a lab
Incredibly convenient - wearable solution
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The 3-in-1 recovery solution. Cryotherapy, Heat Therapy, Compression Therapy. For those who: Don't ever stop.

Medically engineered to help:

  • Ease pain from arthritis
  • Reduce swelling
  • Aid recovery after knee surgery
  • Manage runner's knee pain
  • Reduce pain from meniscus cartilage tears

Introducing the Riixo Recovery Knee Cuff – a revolutionary solution with an integrated gel that envelops the front, sides, and back of the knee. Whether frozen for cooling relief or heated to enhance mobility and ease arthritis pain, this versatile cuff is designed to seamlessly integrate into your active lifestyle.

The external brace securely fastens around the knee, offering an additional layer of support and comfort, ensuring you experience optimal recovery without the need for electrical plugs. Embrace the freedom to recover while staying active throughout your day.

Key Features and Applications

1. Arthritis Relief: Improve the flexibility of a stiff joint by wearing the Riixo Knee Cuff warm, enhancing blood flow and mobility. Alternatively, freeze the cuff to alleviate pain and reduce swelling associated with arthritis, providing versatile relief for your comfort.

2. Meniscus Cartilage Injuries: Combat pain and swelling from a torn meniscus cartilage by wearing the frozen knee cuff for just 20 minutes. Experience targeted relief, allowing you to address injuries and support your recovery journey.

3. Pre-Surgery Support: Ideal for individuals awaiting surgery, the Riixo Knee Cuff aids in prehabilitation, reducing symptoms associated with knee injuries. Alleviate irritation to the knee joint and prepare for surgery with enhanced comfort and support.

4. Post-Surgery Recovery: Post-knee surgery, the Riixo Knee Cuff becomes an essential companion. Wear it to manage joint swelling, alleviate pain, and provide crucial support to the healing joint, ensuring a smoother recovery process.

Embrace the power of the Riixo Recovery Knee Cuff – a dynamic ally in your journey to recovery, adapting seamlessly to your active lifestyle. Prioritize your well-being and experience relief with every step.

In The Box

  • Riixo Knee Cuff
  • Riixo Rear Gel Pad
  • Riixo Thermacase
  • Riixo Cuff Wash Bag
About Riixo

Riixo dedicate ourselves to design and manufacture products that make people better. Whether that is better athletic performance or faster injury recovery, after all, better recovery is the pathway to greater physical and emotional wellbeing.

A set of beliefs drive each of Riixo's actions:

SPORTS ARE FOR EVERONE - If anyone can be an athlete, then anyone should have access
to recovery solutions. We strive to make our cutting-edge equipment affordable and cost-effective for all people.

BODY COMES FIRST - You can’t do your best if your body isn’t in good condition. That’s why we put it at the centre of our research and design, which considers the diversity of both human anatomy and athletic practice.

WINNERS NEVER STOP IMPROVING - What makes a great athlete is the desire to keep striving for higher performance every day. Likewise, we continuously seek new technologies to improve the quality of our products.

SUSTAINABILITY - We take our obligations to design and build sustainable products seriously. Every design decision is made with care and consideration for its environmental and social impact.

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