Rawvelo Blood Orange Vegan Energy Gel

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Why Rawvelo?

Vegan - Mother Nature has all the power you need.
Organic - better ingredients, better for the planet.
Natural - No weird chemicals. Nothing synthetic.

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Energize and refresh with our unique blend of orange, grape, and lemon in a dynamic energy gel, rich in natural fruit flavors. Formulated for consumption right before or during your workout, it's the perfect solution to power through physical demands with a swift energy uplift.

What sets Rawvelo energy gels apart?

Great taste. Gut-friendly. All-natural.

Rawvelo gels offer clean, effective energy from real fruit juices, coconut sugar, and natural brown rice syrup. They're crafted for easier digestion compared to others, providing a quick, reliable energy source for prolonged activities. Forget Maltodextrin or Stevia; our products are free from stabilizers and acidity regulators. You focus on pushing your limits; we focus on fuelling your body efficiently.

“The blood orange gels are my favourite, it is so refreshing to have a gel that actually tastes like real fruit and not just super sweet and synthetic.” - Jasmine Jones, Cyclist at Bianchi HUNT Morvelo

About Rawvelo

Sports nutrition that’s better for you – and the planet too.

Rawvelo recognize the crucial endurance test of environmental care, which inspires our development of plant-based Endurance & Adventure nutrition products. These are crafted to support both your athletic pursuits and planetary health. Pursue your sporting passions without compromising the well-being of the Earth.

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