Time for a new tri suit? We’ve been so impressed with the offering from TRI-FIT that we’ve brought their full range to you here at SBRX in our tri suits collection. But if you’re not sure which one to go for, below we map out the key features of each race suit to help you find the right one for you.

TRI-FIT tri suit chamois pads

Before we dive into the features of each individual suit, it’s worth knowing that all of the TRI-FIT tri suits feature an Italian Elastic Interface chamois pad – which in testing, we’ve found to be quite possibly the comfiest tri suit chamois pad we’ve ever tried.

Ultra comfortable tri-specific chamois pad


The pad in the TRI-FIT tri suits offers support and protection on the saddle that puts it a head and shoulders above other tri suits we’ve raced in. But that padding on the bike doesn’t come with a side of chafe on the run – once you head out of T2, you barely notice the pad on this tri suit at all.

TRI-FIT EVO 2.3 - our top pick for long distance triathlon events

TRI-FIT EVO 2.3 tri suit

Key features

  • Upgraded version of the award-winning EVO NEXT GEN
  • Full front access – top section unzips like a cycling jersey
  • AeroWaffle fabric on the arms, shoulders and back
  • Mesh underarms – superb freedom of movement and breathability
  • All the nutrition pockets you could possibly need
  • IceDrip cooling pocket on the back of the neck.
  • Gradual compression on the legs
  • UPF 50
  • RRP £235

The EVO 2.3 is particularly suited to Ironman distance racing – though that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for the shorter distances. An upgraded version of the award-winning EVO NEXT GEN, the EVO 2.3 features improved AeroWaffle fabric on the upper body. The underarm ventilation has been upgraded to a mesh fabric, offering even better breathability and freedom of movement. You’ve also got UPF 50 sun protection for long days out on the race course. And TRI-FIT’s signature graduated compression on the legs to keep your muscles feeling fresher, for longer.

But where this tri suit really comes into its own for long distance triathlon racing, is the pockets. You’ve got the side access aero rear pocket, just as you get with all the TRI-FIT race suits. But you’ve then also got 2 energy gel-sized pockets just behind the hips. And two internal pockets either side of the zip, inside the front of the tri suit. This makes it easy to carry all of your nutrition, comfortably. And you can also use the internal pockets for cold sponges if it’s hot once you hit the run course. In addition to all that storage, you’ve also got the IceDrip cooling pocket on the back of the neck. Pop an ice cube or two from the aid station in here and you’ll get slow release cooling, without the discomfort of ice cubes rattling around goodness knows where inside your race suit. If you know, you know.

TRI-FIT EVO NEXT GEN - multiple award winner

TRI-FIT EVO Next Gen tri suits

Key features

  • Award-winning tri suit
  • Full front access – unzips like a cycling jersey
  • Aero ‘striped’ fabric on the upper body
  • Underarm ventilation
  • Rear access pocket plus 2 x hip gel pockets
  • RRP £195

The EVO NEXT GEN offers great value for money – it’s not surprisingly it’s won plenty of accolades since it’s release. With this tri suit, you’ve got the same full front access as you’ll find on the EVO 2.3 – this makes it easier to get the suit on and off versus a full-zip/all-in-one construction when it comes to quick comfort breaks.

The fabric on the upper body is still ultra-aero, with a striped texture helping you to cut through the air faster. And you’ve also got underarm ventilation. Other than the fabric, the main difference between the EVO NEXT GEN and the EVO 2.3 is the number of pockets. With this tri suit, you miss out on the internal storage pockets in the front of the suit. But you’ve still got that innovative side access aero rear storage pocket and the two hip gel pockets.

TRI-FIT GEO - best for middle distance racing

TRI-FIT GEO tri suits

Key features

  • Super aero one-piece design
  • Hex Dynamic aero fabric on the upper body
  • One rear pocket
  • Ultra-breathable fabric
  • RRP £219

We’ve tested out the TRI-FIT GEO over both the 100km distance and the full 70.3/half Ironman distance event, and it performed extremely well. In fact, the breathable material really came into its own when our tester race in the heat and humidity of Singapore!

Unlike the EVO series, the GEO is a true all-in-one construction – prioritising aerodynamics. The upper body has ‘Hex Dynamic’ fabric, and the shorts feature PureBlack compressive material.

This tri suit does only have the one rear pocket, so we’d recommend it for everything up to and including middle distance/half Ironman triathlons. If you’re racing long course/Ironman – you might want to consider going for the EVO 2.3 instead so you’ve got extra pockets for all your nutrition. Though if you tend to store your nutrition in your race belt/rely on the aid stations, the GEO is definitely more than comfortable enough to take you through the full 140.6 miles.

Read TRI247's review of the TRI-FIT GEO.

TRI-FIT GEO LIGHTNING - the best of both worlds

TRI-FIT GEO Lightning premium tri suit

Key features

  • Upgraded version of the GEO, with additional storage options
  • One-piece design – ultra-aero all in one construction
  • Hex Dynamic aero fabric on the upper body
  • Compressive fabric on the legs for optimal muscle support
  • Aero side access rear pocket PLUS 2 x hip gel pockets
  • IceDrip cooling pocket on the back of the neck
  • RRP £265

The boldest design in the TRI-FIT range, the GEO LIGHTNING tri suit is a powered up version of the TRI-FIT GEO, featuring all the best bits of the original suit. And throwing in some added extras. For long distance racing, the addition of the 2 hip gel pockets gives you extra storage options. And the IceDrip cooling pocket on the back of the neck levels up the temperature management.

If you like the idea of the extra pockets you’ll find on the EVO 2.3, but you prefer a full-zip construction (instead of the top half unzipping like a cycling jersey). Or if you’re looking for a tri suit that will make it easy for your support crew to spot you out on the race course. Then the GEO LIGHTNING is the suit for you.

TRI-FIT LIBERTY - premium quality entry-level tri suit 


Key features

  • The same premium chamois pad you’ll find on the higher end TRI-FIT suits
  • Mesh leg pockets and side access aero pocket
  • All-in-one design
  • Excellent performance for the price point

The TRI-FIT LIBERTY is a great option if you’re looking for something that offers performance beyond the more budget-friendly price point. As with all the TRI-FIT suits, you’re getting a really high end chamois pad with this suit – usually this is something other entry-level suits would skimp on.

You’ve also got two mesh pockets on the sides of the legs – great for gels – along with the side access aero rear pocket. The main thing you’re missing here compared to the EVO NEXT GEN and the GEO is the higher tech aerodynamic fabric on the upper body and the PureBlack compressive leg material.

We’d recommend this tri suit for those who are just getting into the sport, or those focusing on shorter distance racing.


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Jenny Lucas-Hill